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Conventional Radial Stacker

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The Radial Stacker Conveyor is an elevating conveyor similar to the Portable Conveyors except it has twin, powered, steerable, axle units with high flotation tires that permit it to slew in an arc around a hitch pin on the Horizontal Conveyor or be pulled behind the Horizontal Conveyor. It is also equipped with an operator's cabin.

The basic function of the Radial Stacker Conveyor is to lay down a row of agglomerated ore at a uniform height and width on the leach pad. This is accomplished as the stacker moves in a slow slewing motion (alternating horizontally from side to side) while ore flows. The Stacker is equipped with a hydraulically operated 20' long extension or "stinger."

During operation, the operator retracts the stinger conveyor back as the Stacker conveyor completes each sweep to the right or the left. When the last row of ore is stacked and the stinger is fully retracted, the Stacker / Horizontal Conveyor must be moved back or retreated to a new position and the stinger fully extended. Because the stacker pivots at its tail end, the rows of material are stacked in an arc.