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Tripper Car

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The Mobile Tripper is mounted over the Overland Tripper Conveyor and rides on four high flotation tires or on wheels over railroad tracks. The unit is powered by two Variable Frequency Drive gearmotors attached to the front wheels.

The unit is moved according to the stacking plan that determines the optimum location for the material to be tripped off the Mobile Tripper onto the first Portable Conveyor in the heap leach distribution system. The unit is steered by hydraulic cylinders and a drag link connecting the two rear wheels. The unit can move forward and backwards along the Overland Tripper Conveyor. Sometimes a single location of the Mobile Tripper can serve the stacking of multiple cells. As the lifts progress, ramps are created along the side of the heap leach pad. The Mobile Tripper is moved to the location to feed the Ramp Portables placed up the ramps.

When a discharge location is determined for the Mobile Tripper, the unit is jacked and leveled. This is accomplished by activating the four leveling jacks. The unit must only be raised high enough to accomplish the leveling action. There is a level indicator mounted near the jack cylinder control valves. Leveling is important to maintain belt alignment of the Overland Tripper Conveyor.

The Mobile Tripper is equipped with a discharge conveyor that transports the tripped off material onto the first Portable Conveyor. The discharge conveyor has skirts running the full length to minimize spills.