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Super Portable® Horizontal Feed Conveyor

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The Super Portable® system's Loader / Feeder Conveyor provides a cross-connection between the line of Portable Conveyors and the interconnected Horizontal Conveyor and Radial Stacker.

It is mounted on crawler tracks with Variable Frequency Drive propulsion, allowing a higher capacity than conventional horizontal feed conveyors, which are 30" to 48" in width and mounted on rubber tires. Super Portable® horizontal feeders are typically 110' long, compared to the conventional 90'.

Because it must elevate the ore above the high side boards of the Horizontal Conveyor, it has a high horsepower drive similar to that of the Ramp Portable Conveyors. The height of the Loader / Feeder Conveyor can be varied, as the front struts are hydraulic cylinders. In general appearance, however, it is similar to the other portable conveyors but shorter.