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Conventional Horizontal Conveyor

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The final conveyor before the Radial Stacker Conveyor is called the Horizontal Conveyor. The Horizontal Conveyor is a 43 meter long mobile conveyor that is specifically designed to optimize the use of the Radial Stacker and the stacking operations.

The Horizontal Conveyor is a level or flat conveyor that has a full length receiving hopper and discharges onto the Radial Stacker. This design allows the Radial Stacker and the Horizontal Conveyor to retreat 80 times before a portable conveyor must be removed from (or added to) the line. TNT developed the design that incorporates a hitch at the head end of the Horizontal Conveyor to mount the tail of the Radial Stacker. This allows the Horizontal Conveyor to move the Radial Stacker during indexing, cell-to-cell and lift-to-lift movements.

The Horizontal Conveyor is driven by and mounted on CAT excavator tracks with an extra wide carbody for stability. The tracks are driven by VFD electric motors through a concentric gear reducer. This increases power and maneuverability. The head end of the Horizontal Conveyor is mounted on four high flotation tires with bogie axles. The head end also supports the tail of the Radial Stacker.

The Horizontal Conveyor is also equipped with an on-board diesel powered generator. This generator makes long movements much easier. For example, when the Horizontal Conveyor / Radial Stacker units need to move from one cell to the next, or from one lift to the next, the main power and control cables are detached. The generator is energized and provides power to the Horizontal Conveyor so that it becomes self-propelled. When the move is complete, the main power is reconnected.