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"Grasshopper" Portable Conveyors

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The Portable Conveyors, sometimes called Grasshoppers, comprise the bulk of the equipment making up the pad building system.

Belt width varies from system to system due to design capacity variations. The length also varies, but the standard is 38 meters (125 feet) long. These conveyors are installed end to end to form a continuous line from the Tripper Overland Conveyor discharge along specified lines to the start of each cell or panel.

Portable Conveyors are comprised of field bolted prefabricated truss sections and a head and tail section. One end is elevated by struts from an axle equipped with large, high flotation tires. They conveyor belts are driven by an electric motor that is serviced from a 4,160 volt trailing cable through a step-down transformer. The Portable Conveyors are moved around the pads by the use of a large fork truck or front end loader. The feed hoppers are extra wide and long to reduce spillage.

Portable Conveyors used to transport material up ramps are equipped with motors and gear reducers with higher ratings or dual drives. High Brinell wear materials are specified to prolong life and reduce maintenance downtime.