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In 2007, Somaïr-Arlit began a transition to processing lower-grade uranium ore from depths exceeding 50 to 70 meters using heap leaching. The low operating costs of TNT’s mobile stacking systems helped to make this transition economically feasible for the client. This led to TNT creating the world’s first commercial-scale heap leach stacking system at a uranium mine, producing about 3,000 tonnes of final product per year.

TNT designed and supplied the 800mm, 226 t/h stacking system, which consists of a 1,130 meter overland tripper conveyor, custom mobile transfer conveyor to span a solution ditch, 12 portable conveyors, Horizontal Feed Conveyor, Horizontal Conveyor and Radial Stacker.

Three years after the original system began operation, the first layer had been completed and stacking had commenced on the second layer. TNT provided additional support of these stacking operations by designing and supplying three higher-powered 800mm portable conveyors for use on the equipment and service ramps necessary for continued stacking. The system continued stacking its second lift on the leach pad with these new Ramp Portable conveyors incorporated, then three years later, TNT supplied three additional Ramp Portables, for a total of 18 portable conveyors.