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Copper Mine in Arizona

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TNT designed, supplied and installed the world’s largest mobile multiple-lift heap leach stacking system (7,200 st/h) in 2005-07 for a new copper mine in southeast Arizona, USA, and since then has supported its stacking operations with two expansion projects in 2011-12 and 2013-14. This mobile stacking system was surpassed as the world’s largest in 2010 by TNT’s system at a copper mine in Chile.

TNT’s patented Super Portable® technology allows fully independent movement of each piece of mobile conveying equipment on the stacking pad. The original system comprised a 370’ conveyor, a 7,400’ long regenerative overland tripper conveyor, ten 72” x 250’ Super Portable® conveyors, 108’ Horizontal Feed Conveyor, 285’ long Horizontal Conveyor and 190’ / 220’ long Radial Stacker with 30’ telescoping stinger.

To serve an expansion to the stacking area in support of Phase II, in 2011-12 TNT designed, supplied and installed a new 60” x 7,400’ long regenerative overland tripper conveyor with mobile tripper, extended the original TNT-built 72” agglomeration transfer conveyor from 370’ to 2,040’, and de-commissioned the original overland tripper conveyor.

TNT salvaged, reinstalled and restarted a 60” x 6,700’ section of the previously-decommissioned conveyor and its mobile tripper for use in the mine’s Sulfide Leach Pad project. On this project, TNT also designed, supplied and installed a new 60” x 1,200’ long overland conveyor and new modular MCC, and further modified the agglomeration transfer conveyor to install a new fixed tripper station over it. The new and modified conveying equipment that TNT supplied in 2013-14 allows the mine-for-leach operation to divert copper oxide ores and copper sulfide ores onto two separate leach pads for stacking and processing.