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Al Hajar

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TNT provided the layout and design-supply services for the complete 300 t/h system at Al Hajar, which included crushing, screening, conveying, agglomeration and heap leach stacking, as well as the associated electrical and sampling systems. The crushing plant included an agglomeration drum, feeders, screens and crushers. The heap leach stacking system included an overland conveyor, portables and Radial Stacker.

TNT provided a custom-designed sampling system, which takes a cut off the head pulley trajectory, depositing the material in a bin. A feeder runs the material through a hammer mill, and the sample is deposited in a sample collection area. Bulk samples can be obtained by dumping the collection bin.

TNT also designed and supplied a cement silo, hopper and motor control center (MCC). The MCC for the crushing plant was designed and constructed inside an ocean-going container. The steel fabrication was carried out in Saudi Arabia.

TNT’s installation assistance included start-up supervision of the Merill-Crowe plant and refinery supplied by others. The gold mine and heap leach facility began operations in 2001, and Al Hajar is now re-processing previously stacked and leached material.