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Our conventional portable conveyor system, commonly nicknamed “Grasshoppers,” range in design from 30” to 54” wide and from 300 t/h to 3,000 t/h. Because conventional portable conveyors are not self-propelled, they require more material downtime for their addition, removal, and relocation. And because they are shorter than Super Portables, they must be moved more frequently.

Conventional portable system components:
Tripper car
Conventional portable conveyors
Horizontal feeder
Horizontal conveyor
Radial stacker

Super Portable System Technology is the result of years
of innovative design work that is revolutionizing heap leach stacking systems. Innovative, yet simple, this patented (US patent 6,782,993 B2) technology reduces scheduled down
time, and increases system mobility and operational flexibility.
The portable conveyors are truly mobile, being equipped with
all-track propulsion and on-board generators. This allows rapid redeployment of the conveyors from cell to cell and lift to lift. TNT’s Super Portable system includes several other subtle design features that show our knowledge of heap leach and other stacking operations, and an appreciation for the client’s operating costs.
Mobile stacking systems
Innovative Design Features with proven operating results are incorporated into our heap leach stacking equipment, such as automated belt training on our stackers, hydraulically adjustable bang plates, automatic truss leveling and, on our Super Portable conveyors, articulating head and tail sections.  These innovations arise from our extensive experience in equipment design and operations, and make TNT’s stacking equipment the preferred choice for heap leach operations worldwide.

We’ve designed and installed the world’s first mobile High Angle Conveyor and one of the largest mobile bridge and stacker conveyor units.  We have a patented conveyor tripper design for our renowned stacking systems.  We’ve designed the world’s largest multiple-lift, mobile heap leach stacking system.  We believe there’s an opportunity on every project for innovative thinking to produce the best solution.

The first Super Portable conveyor designed by TNT was the 215’ conveyor for the Tintaya mine in Peru.  This conveyor has provided exceptional trouble free service.  Since then, TNT’s Super Portable portfolio has expanded to:

2004: 180/200’ Radial Stacker, Cerro Colorado, Chile
2005: 285’ Horizontal Conveyor & 180/200’ Radial Stacker, Cerro Verde, Peru.
2007: complete Super Portable 7,000 t/h stacking system, Freeport McMoRan’s Safford Leach Project, Arizona, USA
2007: 54” x 250’ Super Portable for Freeport’s neighboring Morenci mine
2008-2009: complete Super Portable 9,000 t/h stacking system for Freeport McMoRan’s El Abra Project, Chile.
2009-2010: two parallel complete Super Portable 1,500 t/h stacking systems for MA’ADEN Phosphate Co., Saudi Arabia

Super Portable system


Tripper car

Super Portable conveyors

Horizontal feeder

Horizontal conveyor

Radial stacker